Welcome  to my new Website and Blog, both of which I am calling "Things Fall  Together." This designation is a tribute to the title of Nigerian author  Chinua Achebe's Classic novel, Things Fall Apart.  And, indeed, things often do fall apart and shatter, as a look at any  day's newspaper headlines will tell you. But sometimes, things fall  together and connect, or perhaps interlock. I'm hoping that on this  site, there will be some interlocking, even as things are bound to fall  where they will.

My previous website,, ran  from 2008 to 2015. Its focus was on the fantasy-fiction genre, the  field in which I have been writing from the early 1970s to the present  time. That site is stillaccessible, though no longer active. It contains  a wealth of archival material about my writing, along with book reviews  and commentary about the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.  as well as reprints of non-fiction articles and a couple of stories I  wrote for various small-press publications.

The  scope of this new site will be much more eclectic. Yes, it will still  feature shameless self-promotion ... is there really any other kind? And  I'll continue to write reviews and commentary about present and past  works in my favorite genres. However, I will also branch out into  current issues and events, and even (gulp) politics. 

One  of the most enjoyable aspects of my previous site was the interaction  and feedback generated in the Forum section. I would like that exchange  of thoughts and opinions to continue. So please feel free to comment on  what you read on this site. And lets hope that as the world progresses,  things fall together and not apart.

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